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Our way of thinking


The quality of a wine is strictly connected to the excellence of the grape harvested and hence to that of the vineyard that produced it.

The vineyards on steep slopes, where mechanisation is restricted or in some cases even impracticable, ensure a quality wine cultivation holding strong historical value: at the time when the word Moscato – the “good” one – already meant Sparkling Wine, only the grapes from vineyards perched among steeper slopes, therefore better exposed on our hills, were used to produce it.

These are vineyards that give their best when times are most difficult. These are grapes that achieve a good level of quality even in the least favourable years in terms of climate. These are rows that need few plant-health measures, since heat and drought are daily conditions that allow little space to fungal diseases.

We are talking about a viticulture of ancient times, that of our grandparents, which is at risk of extinction in this area for the benefit of replanting the grapes on less rugged territories where the costs are lower, the mechanisation is soon to become highly widespread and where a larger production per hectare is obtained.

Let us step forward...

This historical and qualitative heritage to defend is at the root of the thinking that inspires our daily work.

Our original ideas became a real company project: we purchased impervious vineyards on the hill of “Moncucco” as we rented others on the hill of  “Marini”. We saw our project growing day by day, trying to change the fate of these hill sides that have always been characterising our territory and that still contribute in creating a unique landscape – recently awarded by the recognition of UNESCO.

In this project we invest on a quality Moscato d'Asti wine, by mentioning the “vineyard” itself on the label with the aim of enhancing the name of one of the most important hills of the area, which was also described by Cesare Pavese in the poem “South seas”.

In the end everything results in a natural selection that ensures maximum guarantee to the final consumer.

Steeply sloping in the vineyard Moncucco
Moncucco Vineyard