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The Teresa Soria Farm is located in Castiglione Tinella and consists of a surface of 3 hectares of propriety and which are planted with White Moscato wines from Canelli. The plots extend between two historical hills of the Moscato d'Asti: the hill of “Marini” and that of “Moncucco”, in the Municipalities of Castiglione Tinella and Santo Stefano Belbo. These are the lands where wine cultivation happens to be more intense. We are therefore located in the heart of the area where the Moscato d'Asti  is produced and whose designation of origin is controlled and guaranteed.

A heroic viticulture

We are best known for cultivating vineyards on steep slopes which face South. Working in such conditions means that a viticulture typical of that of the mountains is carried out: little mechanisation and a lot of manual work, with considerable temperature changes and intense wind gusts from nearby Liguria. Most of the vineyards feature a slope of over 40% (with some parcels over 50%) and our vineyards are mainly facing South.

Such conditions are perfect for an excellent ripening of the grapes in relation to sugar, acidity and scent, although carried out in extreme conditions, which lead to high processing costs and moderate production of grapes per hectare.

Vineyards on steep slopes which face South
Moncucco Vineyard