Teresa Soria

Escamotage - Insolito
Piemonte DOC Moscato Secco


Brave and vertical wine
"An anarchic sip that amazes,
drifted apart from the mother's wisdom,
a modern and dry interpret
on the stage of tradition"

Moscato Bianco di Canelli.

Vineyards are located in the Municipalities of Castiglione Tinella and Santo Stefano Belbo. They are South-oriented and highly sloping at a height between 250 and 450 metres. They are the Sorì del Moscato.

Marls with fine sands.

This is the queerest and just “unusual” variant as far as our production of Moscato Bianco di Canelli is concerned. At the beginning of September grapes are harvested by hand and undergo mild over-ripening and are pressed entire. The must ferments at low temperatures for 30 days. When the wine is dry, it is decanted several times. Then the batonnage is carried out for 4 months in steel tanks and in the next late spring the wine is fined and bottled.

Only in steel tanks and at least 6 months after bottling.

Straw-yellow with golden reflections. When you smell it, you will recognise the typical fragrance of the vine, with tropical fruit notes. Its taste is dry, warm, with a good acidity and an enjoyable minerally quality.

It is perfect for appetizer, excellent with vegetable- and fish-based first courses.