Teresa Soria

Experiences at the Teresa Soria winery
are special occasions:
a wonderful land is revealed here

Trails, natural rarities, history, literature.

The view offered to the eye, from the sloping landmark the winery rests on, captures the image of the Castiglione territory that since 2014 has been a Unesco World Heritage Site, a work of art modelled by nature and time, together with the enormous work of the men who have tamed these hills over the centuries.

The village of Castiglione Tinella is at the foot of our hill; within its walls are the traces of the immortal Countess of Castiglione, and then small shops, the wellness centre, the hotel and the osteria where you can sleep or taste the amazing local specialities, where – when in season - the white truffle of Alba is present.

From our panoramic terrace, all you have to do is look east to go through the pages of Cesare Pavese, because here is his land; the tuff tower and dry stone walls on the hill of Moncucco, right where we accompany you to let you taste our grape harvests, sitting next to the poet-writer, who climbs the steep hill together with his cousin in the Mari del sud lyric.

From the Marini terrace, you can see one of the great installations of the Versi in Vigna panoramic-literary park: a unique staging of poetic verses dedicated to the land and its people, macro-letters attached to the vine rows for an evocative and permanent show, a celebration with a striking tone.

The farm is located on the Bruno Arione green trail, one of the four nature trails that cross the municipal territory, reaching vantage points that illuminate the great room of the sky, such as at San Carlo, the highest point, where the horizon reaches the great mountain ranges and the northern plains.

And the green path emerges from the nearby Bosco delle Badie, just below the winery, a magical place celebrating memories, which preserves its little naturalistic diamonds, such as the wild orchids that bloom in the light among the trees or on the meadows at the edges: here are the Orchis purpurea and the Neotinea tridentata, or the wide-eyed yellow smile of the wild tulip (Tulipa sylvestris).

The nearby sanctuary dedicated to Mary Mother of Good Counsel is a haven for the devout: the most important Marian site in this area preserves, through its ancient painting, a history of miracles and great pilgrimages, also written on the canvases of splendid ex-votos. Close to the structure, a convenient area also welcomes camper vans.